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8 Different type of men's underwear


For some guys, underwear is nothing more than an afterthought. For others, it's a source of pride. And for a lucky few, it's both! Of course, no one style of underwear is right for every guy. That said, there are many different styles out there that each have their pros and cons. Here are eight types of men's underwear and what they're best used for:


Briefs are the most popular type of men's underwear. They’re similar to boxer briefs, but with an opening in front instead of in back. This makes them easier to put on and remove, but they are slightly less supportive than boxers. Briefs also sometimes have a fly opening that makes them easier to use than other styles like boxers or bikinis (also called “thongs”).

Briefs are called "y-fronts" or "y-backs" when there is an opening at the front of the underwear where otherwise there would be only fabric covering from waistband to waistband. Another way of saying this is that briefs have a fly opening just like jeans do—but unlike jeans you don't usually wear these over your pants!

Boxer briefs

Boxer briefs are the most common type of men's underwear. They're generally made from cotton or synthetic materials, and they usually have a low-cut, snug fit. Boxer briefs are supportive and comfortable—they're a hybrid between briefs and boxers with higher rises than briefs but lower rises than boxers.

Boxer briefs are not as tight as trunks or bikinis, so they allow for more movement while still being supportive enough to keep everything in place when you're active.

They also offer good support for your backside (especially if you've been working out), which makes them perfect for exercise or sports activities that involve running around a lot!


Boxers are a type of men's underwear that are loose fitting and have a fly. They're usually made of cotton or a cotton blend, and come in many different styles and colors.

Boxers are one of the most popular forms of men's underwear, but they're not the only option out there. That said, there are some things you should know about boxers so you can choose them wisely:

  • When selecting boxers, consider how much coverage you want as well as how comfortable they will be to wear on your body (for example, if you live in hot weather). If this sounds like something that might be useful to know before making your purchase—and we hope it is!—then consider buying boxer briefs instead; they offer more support than regular boxers but still provide plenty of room for air circulation where it's needed most (i.e., around the crotch area). Other types such as briefs offer even less space between legs while keeping everything else covered up nicely too—so if either one sounds appealing then go ahead! It all depends on what kind of effect each type has on an individual person's comfort level when wearing them throughout their day-to-day activities at work/home/play time etcetera etcetera."


Trunks are like boxer briefs, but with a wider waistband. They’re similar to briefs, which also have a wide waistband and resemble boxers with their shorter length and no fly opening. Trunks are most commonly worn by athletes because they have the highest amount of coverage. They can be worn in warmer climates where you don’t want wind blowing up your butt crack or sweat dripping down your leg into your socklets, but they may not provide enough support for other activities such as jogging or bicycling—especially if you’re muscularly built or have heavy thighs!

The comfort level of trunks is in between boxer briefs and briefs: they aren't as tight on your legs as boxers (which tend to ride up), but they're also more comfortable than regular underwear because there's less material bunching between your legs than with briefs or boxers (this is because the elastic around each leg is smaller).


  • Jockstraps are worn by athletes, and don't necessarily have to be used as a sex toy.
  • They're made of stretchy fabric and usually have an opening in the front that allows for easy access to the wearer's genitals. The pouch is designed to hold these parts safely, without them bouncing around while you're running around on the court or playing field (or whatever other sport you may be involved in).
  • Jockstraps are often worn under shorts or pants for added support during physical activity—and they look pretty sexy too!


A bikini is a type of underwear that is designed to be worn by women. It is the briefest of all the men's underwear styles, and it may be visible when a man has his pants pulled low or if he's wearing tight shorts.

A bikini style for men was first introduced in France in 1946 and became popular during the 1950s, particularly with European athletes who wore them for sportswear. Today, people generally use the term "bikini" to refer to any style of men’s underwear that extends from waistband to upper thigh length or lower leg length—regardless of whether there are strings or not.


Thongs are a type of underwear that is worn by both men and women, but they're generally considered more comfortable for women. A thong goes around the waist, with fabric running between the buttocks and held up by the waistband. The main difference between men's thongs and women's (besides how they look) is that men tend to wear them as swimwear, while women wear them as regular underwear.

If you want to try wearing a thong, consider buying one at your local department store or online retailer instead of making one yourself—you may not like what you end up with!


  • G-strings are the thinnest of underwear. They are designed to be worn by men who have a small amount of pubic hair.
  • G-strings also known as a “jockstrap” and can be worn by men who have a larger amount of pubic hair.

There are a variety of men's underwear styles and there is no one-size-fits-all.

Men's underwear is a personal choice. There are many different styles of underwear available to you and it's important that you find the one that works best for your body type.

  • Make sure your underwear fits well. If the waistband is too tight, it can cause irritation in sensitive areas and make you feel uncomfortable all day long. In addition to being uncomfortable, too-tight boxer shorts can also cause your package to look like it's wearing an ill-fitting pair of jeans – not something anyone wants! Instead of going with tighty whities, try loose boxer briefs or boxers with more room in front; these styles tend to be more comfortable than their skintight counterparts because they allow for movement without feeling restrictive or constricting anywhere on your body (especially down below). On top of being comfy, they also come in handy when there's no time for laundry - just throw on yesterday’s pair while waiting for fresh replacements!
  • Pick up some skivvies that are too short or long? No problem! Just adjust them using a seam ripper until they're perfect for everyday wear."


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