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Best men's underwear for working out

As a guy who lives for working out, I've tried my fair share of underwear. Some are good for working out, some are not so great. But what's the point in having an active lifestyle if you still have to wear uncomfortable underwear? You may have noticed that different brands make different styles of underwear for men—and it's no surprise! As a personal trainer and fitness expert, I understand that there isn't just one kind of workout or one kind of body type. That's why I'm here today to tell you about the best kinds of men's underwear for any exercise routine.

ExOfficio Men's Give-N-Go Sport Mesh 6-inch Boxer Brief

Another option for men who want to stay cool and dry during a workout is the ExOfficio Men's Give-N-Go Sport Mesh 6-inch Boxer Brief. These underwear are made from a lightweight, breathable fabric that draws moisture away from your body to keep you dry (and let's be honest—odor free). They feature an elastic waistband and a mesh panel on the inner thigh for enhanced breathability and comfort.

Available in five different colors, these boxers come in sizes small through extra large so there's something for everyone!

Tommy John Cool Cotton Boxer Briefs

The classic boxer brief is a comfortable, soft and breathable option. The open fly front makes it easy to use the bathroom. A high waistband provides added support and coverage, while a stretchy fit offers freedom of movement as you go through your workout.

  • Classic cut
  • 95% cotton/5% elastane blend fabric
  • Fly front

MeUndies Men's Performance Boxer Briefs

MeUndies Men's Performance Boxer Briefs are made from a blend of modal, which is a fiber derived from beech trees and cotton. The fabric is soft and comfortable, with a design that's meant to be breathable and moisture wicking. It's also lightweight and flexible, making it perfect for working out.

Adidas Men's Sport Performance Climalite Boxer Brief Underwear (2-Pack)

Adidas Men's Sport Performance Climalite Boxer Brief Underwear (2-Pack)

These briefs are made from a cotton/spandex blend that helps keep you dry during workouts. The moisture-wicking material is also anti-odor and features a stretch waistband for comfort. The 2-pack is an affordable way to stock up on underwear for every day use, or replace your old sweaty running gear with fresh pairs of these comfy underwear.

Hanro Men's Cotton Superior Tanga Short Underwear

  • Men's Cotton Superior Tanga Short Underwear
  • Cotton
  • Low rise: sits below waist, about 2 inches below navel for most men.
  • Trunk style: straight across front with no fly opening and no elastic waistband.
  • No fly or pockets. No drawstring.

Saxx Kinetic Long Leg Boxer Briefs

  • Moisture wicking underwear: These are the most important features of a good pair of workout underwear. Moisture wicking means that your sweat will be wicked away from your skin and into the material, where it can evaporate. The result is dryness and less chafing during exercise.
  • Seamless underwear: Some people prefer seamless underwear because they find seams to be annoying or uncomfortable against their skin when working out.
  • Breathable underwear: The fabric should be breathable enough that you won't feel like you're sweating all over yourself as soon as you start exercising, but not so much that it feels like wearing nothing at all (i.e., see "seamless").
  • Anti-odor technology: This is always a nice feature because who wants to smell bad? Again, though, I don't think anyone wants their workout gear smelling like roses either—just something neutral is best here!

Nike Men's Pro Cool Compression Training Shorts

Nike Men's Pro Cool Compression Training Shorts are the perfect compression shorts for working out. These compression shorts have moisture-wicking fabric that draws sweat away from your body, keeping you dry and comfortable during even the most intense workouts. The 4-way stretch fabric allows for a full range of motion, so you don't have to worry about your shorts bunching up or riding up when you're doing more complex movements like squats or lunges.

The Nike Men's Pro Cool Compression Training Shorts also have an adjustable drawstring waistband that can be tightened to fit your body type and make sure your clothes stay in place as you move around during exercise. If you're looking for high quality men's underwear that will help keep you cool and comfortable during any workout session—from yoga class to running on the treadmill—these Nike Compression Shorts are definitely worth considering!

2xist Men's Core Contour Pouch Low Rise Trunk Underwear

The 2Xist Men's Core Contour Pouch Low Rise Trunk Underwear is a great choice for men who want to look good while they work out. It has a low-rise cut that makes it ideal for wearing under jeans and slacks, but it also offers plenty of support when you're lifting weights or running at the gym. This underwear has an absorbent cotton blend pouch that fits well and keeps you comfortable on even your longest runs. The moisture wicking fabric keeps sweat away from your skin, ensuring that you stay cool and dry—even during intense cardio workouts.

This pair is durable and stretchy enough to accommodate most body types, making them perfect for any occasion where comfort matters (like working out). You'll love how lightweight these boxers feel against your skin as well as their ability to keep up with even the toughest movements—whether you're doing CrossFit or just going for a thirty-minute jog around the neighborhood!


These underwear will keep you cool and dry while you exercise.

If you're looking for underwear that will keep you cool and dry while you exercise, there are a few options: moisture wicking underwear, seamless underwear, or boxer briefs. Moisture wicking is a fabric that draws sweat away from your body and helps it evaporate into the air. This process allows your skin to stay dryer during workouts and reduces the risk of chafing or irritation caused by moisture buildup on clothing. Seamless underwear offers this same benefit by eliminating places where dirt can collect between garments as well as seams which can cause irritation if they rub against sensitive skin during exercise.



After reading this list of the best men's underwear for working out, you should have a good idea of which pair will work best for your needs. The most important thing is to make sure that they fit well and are comfortable on your body. You don't want anything tight or restricting while exercising!

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