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Protecting the Family Jewels: Men’s Boxer Briefs with the Pouch

Even the softest, most breathable pairs of men’s boxer brief underwear loses all comfortability if it fails to do the one thing that it was built to do: protect your delicate bits. Unfortunately, the build of a man’s body does lend itself to the occasional ball crushing — especially after not being careful enough when taking a seat — but men’s underwear that allows for a bit too much freedom certainly doesn’t help. Luckily, that’s where the pouch comes in.

We’re not talking about the hole at the front of your briefs that can be used as a quick exit when you need to use the bathroom, we’re talking about men’s boxer briefs that have a pouch specifically to give your junk a comfy resting place — not squashed up between your legs.

Instead of allowing the family jewels to hang freely and risk painful catching or crushing, men’s boxer briefs with the pouch cradle the genitals in what is often referred to as a “ball hammock”. It gently lifts the genitals up and away from the body in a way that feels both natural and comfortable, delicately cradling them and prevents them from being injured between the legs or grundle.

What is the difference between men’s single liner, double liner, and pouch boxer briefs?

There are a number of different types of underwear that claim to be able to prevent painful mishaps, including single liner men’s boxer briefs, double liner men’s boxer briefs, and men’s boxer briefs with a pouch.

Single liner men’s boxer brief underwear is your typical, run of the mill undergarment. Typically, it is made out of thicker fabric blends, like cotton, but only has one layer of fabric throughout. Single liner men’s underwear is usually very comfortable… unless you are moving around a little too much. Since it lacks a thick layer of fabric to act as a buffer between your delicate parts and, well, everything else, men’s single layer boxer briefs are not the most protective — nor comfortable — type of underwear in the long run.

Similarly, men’s double liner boxer brief underwear gets its name from (you guessed it) how many layers of fabric line the undergarment. Instead of being a single layer of fabric, double liner fabric has two: the first is the outer layer that is either only partially exposed to the skin, or not at all; and the second, inner layer serves as a liner to protect your body from the elements. Generally, double liner boxer briefs need to be lined because the outer layer is made of ultra-thin fabric, usually synthetic blends, that are too delicate to be used alone since underwear experiences a lot of friction, especially under jeans. Double liner boxer briefs do offer a bit more protection against genital discomfort than their single liner counterparts, but they still do not specifically shield your junk. Think of it this way — more than likely, your underwear is double lined to protect the fabric, not you.

On the other hand, men’s boxer briefs with a pouch are specifically designed to keep your privates out of the line of fire. This type of undergarment can be single or double lined — the pouch itself is usually double lined because it puts your genitals front and center, single liners may not hold up against the zipper of your jeans. Ouch! In fact, pouch boxer briefs are considered to be more healthy than regular boxer briefs because it encourages your genitals to rest in a position that is more anatomically correct, at the forefront of your body with more wiggle room, rather than being mashed down between your legs — no tucking required.

Not all pouches are the same, though!

Although it may seem like men’s pouch underwear is a singular design, there are actually quite a few different types of pouches, each serving a different purpose. These are some of the most popular types:

  • U-hole pouch underwearlooks similar to the boxer briefs you are used to, with two seams and a u-hole (also known as the ‘pee hole’), but features the signature cradle pouch to prevent testicle discomfort that is frequent when wearing traditional briefs.
  • Lifting pouch boxer briefs take the pouch design to the next level, intended to help you achieve maximum comfort. This type of underwear lifts your package upwards and slightly away from the body, which relieves pressure and prevents any sort of pain that comes along with typical underwear.
  • Men’s enhancement pouch boxer brief underwear is similar to a push-up bra. It features light padding around the pouch, which gives your package a rounder, fuller look with added definition. Who says girls get to have all the fun?

Want to try out a pair of men’s boxer briefs with a pouch for yourself?

You’re in luck! BKage Underwear is the premiere underwear manufacturer for all men’s undergarments — pouch or no pouch! We help our customers create the underwear or their dreams, whether to sell their own merchandise or just to wear at home.

When you work with BKage, you will have more choices than ever thought before; take your pick of fabric type, label design, style, and fit. Better yet, we print your very own designs or can even help you create a design.

If you want to create the perfect pair of men’s pouch boxer briefs, look no further. BKage has you covered.

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