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About BKage-underwear

BKage Underwear is a full service premium custom underwear manufacturer. Providing top notch quality in all aspects of our work is our core business, this vision reflects in both our products as well as our customer service. From the creation of tech packs to the delivery of the final product directly to your door, we take care of every single step of the process. 

We take pride in following a list of strong commitments to ensure a perfect service and product: – Detail focused. – Problem solvers. – Win/win relationship. – Market aware. – Answer within 24 hours. – Long term relationship vision. – Transparency in all situations. – Hunger for innovation. – Diversity in our offer. – Top value for money.









Domain Of Expertise

  • Men boxer brief
  • men jockstrap
  • lingerie
  • women sexy wear
  • women bra
  • sportwear underwear
  • kid underwear
Underwear Manufacturer Underwear Factory

we have over 20 years experience in underwear

Find the best quality underwear & lingerie for your marketing then fill out a quote request. After more than 20 years as a leader in manufacturing underwear & lingerie, we know how to make the ordering process easy and cost-effective.

"To meet the expectations of today's markets, we must not only adapt our organization and reactivity internally, but we must also improve the way we design, develop and deliver products to our clients while working toward being a more responsible version or ourselves."

——  BKage Development Team

Why Choose BKage?

Our mission: to provide well-made, well-thought design service and well-executed orders to help our clients deliver quality underwear& lingerie on their market. ​

We like to focus on long-term partnerships with suppliers and with our clients and do business on the basis of mutual satisfaction and trust.


We aim to help our business partners with their projects and success.

From fashion to function and everything in between, Xiangxing's design team and sample makers use their know-how and modelization tools to translate your needs.

Looking Towards the Future

We strive every year to be better and set our standards to our customers' expectations and beyond.

We always strive to innovate, collaborate, co-create with our clients to turn new concepts into business opportunities.

Efficiency & Quick Response

With 20 years working hand in hand with European retailers, we adapt to rapidly changing trends, in order to deliver new merchandise to the market for our clients.

 Lead Time: 15 to 25 days total from PO order to ex-factory shipment.


We find solutions and proactively take action to shorten prototyping time and avoid unnecessary back-and-forth.

In order to do that, we communicate and ask the right questions, at the right time. 


We respect people and always strive to achieve the best results for our clients. ​

 We trust in our clients, like our clients entrust us.

Better Communication

Our team knows how to efficiently communicate on projects with clients and suppliers

We are a flexible team, who understands the market, the product, and global fashion's trends.


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Underwear Manufacturer Underwear Factory