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The Best Panties for Your Butt Shape: How to Accent Your Body Type with the Perfect Pair of Underwear

Whether you’re getting ready for a hot date or don’t plan on anyone seeing what’s under your jeans other than you, there’s no denying that when you look good, you feel good, and your panties are a huge part of that!

It can be difficult to know what types of panties will suit your body best since there are so many different styles (thong, briefs, cheeky, bikini, high rise, boyshort, the list goes on, and on, and on…) especially considering each cut of underwear looks different on every body type and every woman.

As the premier manufacturer of both men’s and women’s custom and personalized undergarments, we here at BKage Underwear have worked with customers of all shapes and sizes to help them create their perfect pair of skivvies to accent every curve and keep them feeling comfortable. So, yes, we do know a thing or two about how to find the best panties for your butt shape!

From our professionals here at BKage Underwear to you, these are the best panties for every body type and butt shape.

Round or Heart Shape — Ultra Cheeky Styles and Thongs

If you are lucky enough to have a perfectly round or heart shaped derriere, you might as well show it off! We’re jealous—no matter how many squats we do we never seem to see any extra movement down there—but we also know that round, heart shaped butts come with their own difficulties, namely: every underwear style ends up looking cheeky on you, even if you aren't wearing a cheeky style. You can’t help it, your bodacious bod can’t be tamed!

For this reason, those with round and heart shaped butts should go ahead and bite the bullet—lean into those cheeky styles to complement your hourglass figure! Choose a comfy thong for a cheeky pair of bikini or tanga cut undies, since panties with less coverage will accentuate your curves without getting all bunched up or stuck in your bits the way more coverage styles, like women’s boxers, tend to.

Pear or A Shape — High Waisted Styles

The pear shape, or “A” shape, is similar to the heart shaped butt in the sense that your rear end is full, but usually lacks the balance in the upper body. This can make you feel unproportional, like your lower half is much larger than your top half. No shame, though! Pear shaped butts are some of our favorites (from a professional standpoint, of course) because they have some of the most versatile panty styles to choose from.

If you’ve got a pear shaped butt, you’ve got the thighs to match, so thong underwear can seem ridiculously tiny and full coverage styles like boyshorts can overwhelm your body, making you feel super unsexy. Even worse, not all underwear styles and brands cater to your curvy lower half, so you may feel pinched and uncomfortable in low rise styles. Luckily, there is a simple fix to your pear shaped woes. High waisted, also known as high rise, panties have a waistband that sits higher on your body, nearer your belly button, which is perfect for pear shaped bodies as they draw the eye and make your body look more proportional. We recommend choosing solid fabrics, simple designs, or lace with tightly knit, continuous patterns that won’t look too busy or overwhelm your curves.

Not too worry, high waisted panties come in all styles, colors, and fabrics, making it easy for those with “A” shaped butts to pick the perfect panties for any occasion—they’re not your granny’s panties. Pear shaped bodies look fantastic in these more traditional high rise briefs with tummy control, which are great for those who want a bit of shapewear to smooth out their midsection. We also love to recommend this beautiful high waist cheeky panty and bra set which is the perfect lacy lingerie for a date night or a night in.

Inverted Triangle or V Shape — Boyshorts and Briefs

If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and thought to yourself that your behind resembles Hank Hill’s butt (from King of the Hill), then you probably have an inverted triangle, or “V” shaped, butt. There’s no shame in your shape, though! Plenty of women don’t have a whole lot of junk in the trunk and you’ll notice that many supermodels that strut the runway sport an inverted triangle bottom shape!

If you’ve got an inverted triangle round the back side, the goal is to use your panties to create the illusion of a fuller, more round bottom. To do this, you’ll want to avoid high-cut styles that show off a lot of leg or cheek and gravitate towards more full coverage styles that make you look more proportional, like boyshorts and briefs panties.

Boyshorts can be very versatile, so if you’re worried about this full-coverage style creating unsightly panty lines, try a pair of seamless boyshorts. Don’t think that boyshorts can’t be sexy, though! We love these long line briefs, which feature fun colors, an adorable bow, and a touch of lace around the seams and leg openings, which give the panties a flirty twist while adding a bit of still-cheeky length around the rear to make your inverted triangle booty pop!

Square or H Shape— High Rise, High Cut Bikinis and Briefs

If you have a square shaped butt, you likely have prominent hip bones and a shape that continues at the same curve from your hip all the way to the bottom of your cheeks. Hip dips are also very common in women with square shaped derrieres.

For square shaped butts, we love choosing high rise panties that help define the waist and hips, making the cheeks appear fuller. Panties with high cut legs also look great, as they show off your rear end in all the right places. However, since square shaped butts don’t curve as much as some other types, we recommend choosing panties that are lacy or have exciting prints since they draw the eye, whereas solid colored undergarments have the tendency to make your bottom look a bit flat.

Are you a square shaped girlie? Check out these high cut lace bikini panties for when you’re feeling flirty or a pair of these high cut cheeky comfort bikini briefs for the perfect blend of silky and seductive.

Want to create a pair of panties to your exact measurements?

At BKage Underwear, we work together with customers around the world to create personalized underwear to their exact specifications. When you pair with BKage, you can choose from dozens of styles, fabric types, patterns, and measurements to design the perfect pair of panties for your butt shape. Contact us today!

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