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Get Ya Sexy On: Our Favorite Women’s Sexy Lingerie Brands (and How to Start Your Own!)

If you’re anything like us, nothing makes you say, “Man, I feel like a woman!” quite like being shrouded in a stunning set of leather and lace (or another type of material, you do you). Even if no one sees you wearing lingerie, it still feels great to admire yourself in the mirror.

Like all things fashion, what makes women’s lingerie truly sexy is largely dependent on personal preference. Maybe you like the super shiny dominatrix-inspired looks, or perhaps you prefer the airy, romantic lace chemises that make you feel like a demure fairy queen on her day off. No matter what you like, there is a women’s lingerie brand out there that will make you feel like the sexy, confident hottie you truly are.

Here are a few of us at BKage Underwear’s favorite women’s sexy lingerie brands that are sure to titillate, no matter your tastes.

  1. Victoria’s Secret

Recent scandals aside, this women’s sexy lingerie brand knows how to flatter a woman’s shape — even if they founded their brand on not flattering every woman’s shape. Since then, Victoria’s Secret has taken major steps to oust outdated beliefs and offer inclusive women’s lingerie that looks sexy on all body types. We love their $35 and Under collection which features a number of (relatively) high quality pieces of all different cuts, colors, and fabrics.

  1. Agent Provocateur

If you have a little extra money burning a hole in your pocket, Agent Provocateur is the place to spend it. This women’s sexy lingerie brand offers a huge selection of styles that are beautifully crafted with the price tags to match. As an added bonus, their product sizing goes up to a US 18, but this could also be a negative if you need bigger sizes. We especially love this super sexy luxe crystal harness from the brand, even if we can’t afford it!

  1. Adore Me

This online powerhouse quite literally has something for everyone. No matter your size or style preference (their size range goes from XS to 4X) Adore Me offers a remarkable selection at reasonable prices — at least, compared to some of the other brands on this list. The retailer also offers a VIP membership with a number of benefits, including $10 off any style at any time. Adore Me also has a subscription box, called Elite by Adore Me, which sends you hand-picked women’s sexy lingerie styles every month.

  1. Fruity Booty

This sustainable brand is committed to showing real, raw, unfiltered women of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Even better, Fruity Booty offers some seriously sexy women’s lingerie and swimsuits at affordable pricing that reflects the work and sustainability efforts that go into each piece. We love the advertising inspired Stanton set!

  1. Anya Lust

With ‘lust’ in the name, there’s no way this brand could go wrong when it comes to women’s sexy lingerie. They have a number of offerings in their Luxury Lingerie, with Anya Lust showing an apparent penchant for mesh and saucy cut outs, but they also feature a wide range of sleep and loungewear in luxe, high-quality fabrics, like this beautiful silk nightgown. Anya Lust is a great resource for those who love to feel both opulent and sexy.

  1. Fleur de Mal

For the extra raunchy sexy babes, Fleur de Mal has the cutting edge modern women’s lingerie you’ve been hoping for. With on trend colors like chartreuse and emerald green, Fleur de Mal also dips into the traditional lacy looks that you are accustomed to. These are some of our favorites from the brand: Fuller Cup Top Stitch, Lily Embroidery Cheeky, and Washable Silk Wrap Robe.

  1. Savage X Fenty

The brand birthed by professional sexy gal Rihanna herself, Savage X Fenty is one of the most inclusive women’s sexy lingerie brands on the market today. Sizes range from the furthest reaches of thin and curvy, ensuring that every body fits in this brand. Plus, Savage X Fenty also draws upon RiRi’s own immaculate sense of style, featuring the most innovative and trendy colors, cuts, and styles. As an added bonus, there are subscriptions to the brand for lower prices. We especially love the Savage Travel Kit, which makes sure that you are ready to rumble (wink, wink) at any moment — any time, anywhere. 

  1. Thistle and Spire

This women’s sexy lingerie brand is inspired by timeless works of art, which can especially be seen in their Medusa collection. Thistle & Spire pairs delicate embroidery with bold, modern silhouettes to create pieces that will leave a lasting impression both in and out of the bedroom.

Not interested in any of these women’s sexy lingerie brands?

If you are someone with discerning taste, you are not alone. At BKage Underwear, we strive to offer our customers the most freedom in order to create their own innovative women’s sexy lingerie brands. Choose from a number of fabric choices, cuts, colors, and printing to methods to produce your own personalized undergarments for yourself or to create your own empire — it’s up to you!

If you are interested in creating your own women’s sexy lingerie brand, look no further. BKage Underwear is ready to lend a hand and answer all your questions. As the premiere women’s sexy lingerie manufacturer, your new brand will be in the best hands. What are you waiting for? Contact us today!

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