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How To Create Own Underwear Line for An Underwear Business?

Custom Printing Boxer Briefs demand has been steadily increasing in recent years. More individuals prefer custom-made clothing for them rather than settling for what is offered in malls and stores. RTW (read-to-wear) has declined in popularity. Many individuals dislike generic products on the market, and those who can afford more custom apparel generally prefer it.

 This development is not limited to conventional clothing but includes underwear with bras, panties, and trunks. Underwear has evolved significantly over the last few decades and is expected to continue to do so. We will explore how to create your underwear clothing and establish your underwear line in this article.

 As the name implies, underwear is designed to hide our private parts and is the final layer of clothes that encounters our body. Men's and women's underwear are available in a variety of styles. Briefs, different design boxer shorts, leggings are all examples of men's underwear. The selection is even more extensive for women, including bras, lingerie, panties, leggings, and undershirts. Underwear's ultimate objective is to provide comfort to its wearer and protect the user's private areas. It's a significant advantage if the underwear instills confidence in the wearer.

 If you're interested in designing personalized underwear, the first step is to determine the type of design boxer shorts you want to produce. You cannot proceed with the garment manufacturing procedure unless you have determined the style of underwear you wish to make. All production parts will revolve around this decision, which will serve as your springboard for progress.

Custom Underwear Manufacturing Process

1. Product design phase

Assuming you’ve already decided on the style of custom underwear you’d like to create, the first step in the process of how to make custom underwear must be design conception. Simply begin with a concept or a rough design draught and work your way down to the details. It is beneficial to sketch your design concept to represent your product visually. Once you’ve created a sketch or drawing, you can simply add additional features and specifications to the design. Your objective should be to develop a technology pack. 

2. Product Development phase

After completing the product design phase, you can move on to the product development phase. You must accurately describe how you want your custom underwear product manufactured for the manufacturers to grasp it later in the manufacturing process.

Take inspiration from current trends in the underwear market and advancements in underwear manufacturing technologies. You must delve into the details as well as the technicalities.

Clearly describe the stitching patterns and dimensions you desire for your custom underwear product. Additionally, you should seek assistance from the professional clothing manufacturer you are collaborating with if you lack experience in the underwear sector. They may be able to assist you in completing the tech pack.


3. Material

Once you've determined how to manufacture your custom underwear, the next step is to secure the materials necessary to build your personalized underwear. Select the fabric that will be the primary component of your underwear and any accessories or add-ons for your clothing items.

You can also do the costing of the goods at this time, as you will be comparing quotes from clothing suppliers who can supply the materials you want. Look for appropriate underwear fabrics that are both high-quality and reasonably priced. Simply be sensible in your material selections based on the market segment you wish to appeal to.

Once your design, costing, and material bills have been determined, all this information must be reflected on your custom underwear's tech pack. The tech pack serves as the foundation for the underwear manufacturer's industrial output.

If you improve the design or manufacturing process, they should be documented in the tech pack, not just by word of mouth. Once this is complete, you may begin producing the prototype of your personalized underwear attire.

After receiving your first sample, inspect it to ensure that everything was completed correctly following your choices and the information you supplied in your tech pack.

If any faults need to be rectified, you must update the tech pack to be applied to the following sample production or simply during mass production if the errors were minor. It is pretty rare to generate the perfect sample on the first try. Avoid becoming frustrated if errors and setbacks occur throughout the sampling process.

2. Collaborating with a Manufacturer of Custom Underwear

Your choice of underwear manufacturer such as Bkage Underwear is critical to the success of your underwear clothing product. It is prudent to solicit their input and guidance during underwear manufacturing. They are beneficial not just on the production line but also during the product design phase, as you can leverage their knowledge and expertise in the manufacturing business.

Consider your manufacturer's suggestions and be receptive to them throughout the design phase, sample process, and accurate manufacturing.

Consider them a business partner, not merely a factory that produces your product. They will be important in achieving your aim of learning how to produce personalized underwear and launching your own company.

Bkage Underwear

For centuries, underwear has been a necessary component of everyday attire. Not any longer; Bkage allows you to print on underwear apparel such as women's underwear and custom printing boxer briefs. Underwear is rapidly becoming an element of simple design, from brightly colored undergarments to aesthetic custom printing boxer briefs.

Bkage Underwear manufacturing is an industry that specializes in customizing high-quality under wearable clothing with the artwork. We bring together the realms of art, paper, print, sewing, and locally created goods to create artwork across various mediums.

Our mission is to produce high-quality printed products at an affordable price point for resellers and artists.

Our essential women's briefs are ideal for everyday wear because they are comfortable and well-fitting. All this clothing is made entirely of polyester, ensuring that your printed pattern will not fade.

Custom Printing Boxer briefs

Men's boxer briefs with custom printing that are incredibly comfortable! Bkage is a one-of-a-kind online platform that enables you to produce, sell, and share your own branded artwork printed underwear. What else is incredible? be imaginative while developing your collection of branded men's boxer briefs.


The fabrics are of exceptional quality, and the selection is extraordinary! Whatever you require, you can have it here!

Stitching technique

Our professional stitching allows you to move freely while maintaining smooth, bulk-free seams.

Vivacious print

The never-fade full-color sublimation prints resist fading even after repeated washing and usage.

We sew our underwear using one of the most innovative and advanced industrial sewing machines for stretch fabrics available.

Our stitching technique allows maximum stretch in your garment while remaining perfectly flat at the seams, preventing bulk or irritation. Because it is a visible thread on the garment, your seams become a feature rather than something to conceal!

Do you desire complete control over your design? You can select the thread color for your underwear to ensure that your pattern is cohesive.

Pack of samples

We may offer you sample packets to determine which fabrics and designs are the best fit for your application.


Bkage offers wholesale rates on all our items. We understand that it is not always feasible for an artist to offer vast quantities of a single design. We provide our lowest prices at a minimum purchase rather than requiring increasing purchases to get lower pricing. Whether you purchase 100 or a single piece, our prices stay steady and affordable.

24/7 customer support

Our Customer Service Representatives are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days

a week, to address your questions and issues.

Issues that you may encounter with us!

Delayed Shipping

  • As our communication is only through WhatsApp and email in China, communication disruptions frequently result in shipment delays.
  • Disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic also causes a delay in shipping.

Ensuring complete visibility throughout the supply chain is critical for ensuring the safe and timely delivery of goods from one end to the other. Without it, firms risk succumbing to a plethora of inefficiencies, resulting in shipment delays, damage, or loss. 

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