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How to measure underwear size for men

It's no secret that shopping for men’s underwear is a bit of a challenge. Not only are there different styles and choices to make, but sizing can also be confusing. Your pants size (or your waist size) won't always accurately reflect the right fit in your underwear. And if you're not careful, this could mean buying bad-fitting underwear that doesn't last long or even looking sloppy during those special occasions when you actually have time to put on nice clothes! Here's everything you need to understand about measuring underwear size:


Wear Measuring Tape

To measure, you'll need a measuring tape. You can use any kind of tape measure or even a piece of string—just make sure it's long enough to go around your waist. The most accurate way is to measure over the underwear you plan on wearing with the pants. This will ensure that you get an accurate measurement and avoid having to re-measure later on if your pants are too small or too large.

Keep in mind that there are actually two different measurements for waist size: one for where your pants should sit on your body, and another for how tight they should be when buttoned up. They are both important when choosing the right size!

Measure undergarments at natural bend (wherever this may be).  This is where most people have their slimmest point, which often falls somewhere between their hips and upper thighs; it's also where many women store their fat reserves in order to preserve what little curves they have left after nursing children into adulthood (or whatever). If this doesn't apply to you—if instead it seems as though every part of yourself has been sucked inward by some unseen force—you may want to measure around wherever else feels tightest while still being comfortable enough not make anyone else feel uncomfortable around them (that would be weird).

Measure over undergarments at largest point .  This is simply an alternative method used only when trying out new styles before purchasing them not because one has been unable either break free from these restrictive garments or find other ways through which life can be lived without such constrictions being imposed upon oneself as though bound together by some invisible force like those mentioned above."


Measure Over Pants

To measure the waist of your underwear, place one end of the tape measure on top of your underwear's elastic band and pull it around to your other side. To measure your hips over your pants, put the tape measure at about 7 inches down from the top of your hipbone and wrap it around to get an accurate measurement.

These measurements will help you determine what size pair you need when shopping for men's underwear online or in stores:


Use a Rope Or String

To measure your waist, use a rope or string. You can do this by measuring the distance around your waist. If you want to get more accurate measurements, use a tape measure instead of a rope or string.

To measure your hips: Use the same method as above for measuring your waist but wrap it around your hips instead of around your abdomen.


Measure With a Ruler on the Floor

Measure from the floor to your navel by standing with your feet together and holding a ruler in front of you, parallel with the ground.

Measure from the floor to the top of your hips by standing with your feet slightly apart and holding a ruler at shoulder height, parallel with the ground.

Measure from the floor to just below where you would like your underwear waistband to sit on your hip bone (this is usually around one inch below where it sits on many men's hips).

Measure from just below where you would like your underwear waistband to sit on one side of your inner thigh up through that area where it connects into other muscle groups (this is usually around five inches down), then repeat for both sides of both legs combined, if necessary

Select a Larger Size For Specific Underwear Types

If you're looking for boxers, briefs or trunks, consider purchasing a size larger. Boxer briefs and trunks are a little longer than briefs and are designed to fit over the hips; underwear with a fly is designed to fit over the hips.


Guys, understand the process of measuring underwear size.

Underwear size is not the same as your pants size, and it's important that you understand the differences before beginning your search. While underwear size is dependent on brand, style, and material, there are some generalizations that can be made about sizing across brands and styles. For example:

If you wear L pants then you probably want to buy a medium-sized pair of boxers or briefs (the two most popular forms of men's undergarments).

Wearing XXL pants does not mean you will need an XL pair of boxer briefs—in fact, it's likely that your waistline will need some extra room so don't get discouraged if the smallest available option doesn't fit quite right at first!



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