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BKage Underwear: Analysis of the Modal Underwear

Whether you’re an underwear aficionado or are just beginning to understand the intricacies of your skivvies, you know the importance of high quality, comfortable fabric. As the foundation of every outfit, undergarments have the ability to make or break your day — a scratchy pair of boxers can leave you feeling itchy, and wearing briefs that aren’t breathable could result in a soggy, sweaty workout session — which makes choosing the right fabric imperative.

There are an innumerable number of fabric choices on the market, but one in particular has caught the eye of underwear enthusiasts everywhere: modal. Though not a new invention, modal fabric (also sometimes referred to as micromodal) has been gaining popularity for one simple reason — it’s really, really soft!

What is modal fabric?

First invented in Japan in 1951, modal is a semi-synthetic fiber derived from beech trees. A cellulosic fiber, modal begins as pure, wooden chips of beech, which are then mashed into a liquid pulp that is then forcefully strained to create delicate pieces of thread. Once woven together, it becomes modal fabric which can either be used on its own or blended with other types of fibers to form blended fabric.

Though similar to rayon (also known as viscose), modal is considered to be a better alternative, as modal goes through additional processes that make it stronger than rayon. Additionally, it is thought to be purer, as modal is created using only beech wood, whereas rayon uses a mixture of wood from many different trees which may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, resulting in fibers of varying quality.

What makes modal a great fabric for underwear?

As mentioned before, comfort is imperative when it comes to the fabric choice of your underwear, and modal fabric is silky smooth and very, very soft. It has become more popular in recent years due to the increasing demand for activewear — people want to wear things that are soft, breathable, and flexible — and modal fits the bill perfectly.

Modal is extremely soft and smooth, and the feel is often compared to silk or satin. Imagine the luxurious feel of silk underwear without the silk price tag… that’s how it feels. However, underwear needs to be flexible, so most modal undergarments will be a mix of modal and another more stretchy fabric. When paired with another fiber like spandex, it creates a silky smooth pair of undies that are still able to support your delicate areas with ease.

Modal underwear has struck the fancy of many people as activewear becomes a staple in their daily wardrobe because it is a perfect pairing for garments like leggings and basketball shorts. This is largely due to two reasons: modal underwear is both breathable and absorbent. Modal is a thin and delicate (yet strong!) fabric, therefore making modal underwear extremely breathable. Additionally, modal is far more absorbent than fabrics like cotton. But wait — how can modal underwear be breathable and absorbent? It may seem confusing, but this is why modal is considered to be a “moisture-wicking” fabric. It quickly soaks up any sort of moisture (namely: sweat) away from your body, and because it is so thin and breathable, modal dries rapidly, leaving your nether regions comfortably dry. This is exactly why modal underwear has become a popular choice for people who work out frequently or get sweaty, as modal underwear stays much drier than those made from other fabrics.

Even better, modal underwear is strong. Though it may feel like you’re wearing silk chonies, modal is far less delicate than its comparisons. Modal underwear can be easily washed and ironed without the fear of destruction. Additionally, modal fabric holds dye very well, so you don’t have to think twice about tossing your brightly colored modal underwear in the wash with other colored garments (even white, if the temperature isn’t too high) because the dye is unlikely to bleed — even when your new modal underwear has never been washed before! Especially when created from a mix of fabrics, modal underwear is extremely durable. If you hate finding random holes in your underwear, modal is the way to go.

Depending on the manufacturer, modal is considered to be a more sustainable alternative to cotton. The beech trees used to create modal fibers yield far more product per acre than cotton plants and require roughly twenty times less water per yield. This makes modal underwear a great choice for those who are looking for a more sustainable alternative to cotton underwear.

Finally, modal underwear is cost efficient — it feels like silk without the price tag! If you want your undergarments to be soft, smooth, breathable, durable, and moisture-wicking, modal underwear is the underwear for you.

What are the drawbacks of modal underwear?

Like anything else, modal underwear has its disadvantages, specifically for those who are environmentally conscious. Yes, modal underwear outperforms its competitors in terms of breathability and comfort and is more sustainable than cotton underwear. However, the fact that modal fiber is created from trees does raise some concern.

Most reputable manufacturers grow the beech trees used to make modal fibers are grown on land that cannot be used for other agricultural purposes, such as farming, and do not displace important (or endangered) wildlife and flora. However, not all manufacturers are ethical, so it is important that you do your research when shopping for modal underwear.

Additionally, some people are allergic to modal fabric, which is a huge drawback — that is, if you’re allergic. Be sure to do a test wear of your modal underwear to ensure that you don’t get any itchiness, rashes, or redness before you buy more pairs!

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